Do You Have a Sixth Sense?
Find out if you share Nancy's special power to predict the future!
All Signs Point to Yes!
Create your own version of a Magic 8 Ball with this fun paper fortune-teller!
Show Your Appreciation
Show someone your appreciation by giving them an Appreciation Heart!
A Bookworm's Valentine
The perfect gift for any bookworm.
Your Secret Admirer
Are you someone's secret admirer?
Speak Like a True Sleuth
Complete this activity to learn extra-fancy detective words! You'll be speaking like a true sleuth in no time!
Create a Business Card
Fill out these super-chic and professional business cards to hand out to your friends and family!
Crack the Code
Can you decipher the secret message?
Pretty Poster
Download and print this magnifique poster!
Nancy Clancy Bookmark
After you download and print this bookmark, add a pink ribbon or yarn through the loop-hole to make it even more fabulous!
Mother-Daughter Book Club Guide
A list of tips on how to start a
mother-daughter book group!
Membership Badge
Are you a member of the Nancy Clancy Book Club? Here's your official membership badge!
Reading Certificate
Have you finished all three Nancy Clancy chapter books?
Then you deserve this reading certificate!

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