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Top-Ten Party Ideas for Your Birthday Girl

Looking for a great way to celebrate your little one’s special day? Try one of these super-fun and super-special birthday party ideas.

1. Sleepover Spa. Send out an invitation to spend the night at your daughter’s sleepover spa. Do makeovers, facials, manicures, and pedicures. Ask friends to help out as guest manicurists and makeup artists, or hire a manicurist from a local salon for the evening. Send the guests home with birthday goody bags filled with scented soaps and scrubs.

2. Alice in Wonderland. Have invitations come from the Queen to the Duchess (make sure you remind guests not to be late for this very important date, just like the White Rabbit). Serve tea and scones at a long table with cups of different sizes and all sorts of odd items (lamps, flowers, books, stuffed animals, a birdhouse) as decorations. Play croquet or hide “Alice” items (such as golden keys or chess pieces) around the house or yard and have a scavenger hunt.

3. Flower Power. Decorate with as many flowers as your home can hold and serve flower-shaped cookies and cupcakes decorated with flowers. Have guests paint white tees with colorful flowers. Play Pin the Petal on the Daisy and send guests home with floral-scented soaps as birthday party favors.

4. Beautiful Ballerina. Offer guests tutus to wear, strands of “pearls,” and sparkly tiaras. Serve dainty finger sandwiches and lemonade, and top the birthday cake with a pretty ballerina. Invite a local ballet student to teach the girls a few steps, then dance the afternoon away. You could even rent a ballet studio nearby.

5. Jewels Galore. Hide clues throughout the house for the girls to find, all leading to a treasure box filled with fabulous “jewels.” Tiaras, necklaces, rings, bracelets—the more the better! Buy inexpensive plain wooden boxes for the guests to decorate with paint, beads, baubles, and glitter to hold their jewels. Give prizes for the most bedazzled party guests.

6. Color Her Beautiful. Does your little one have a favorite color? Embrace it as the focal point of her birthday party! If, for example, the birthday girl adores purple, create a purple paradise. Have purple flowers and purple-frosted cupcakes. Send out purple invitations, and ask guests to come attired in the color of the day. Have purple bunting and purple paper goods, and serve purple food (sparkling grape juice and jelly, blueberry sorbet, and purple cauliflower puree).

7. Princess Pageant. Salute the birthday princess! Send out invitations to all the ladies of the court and crown each as she enters the party. Decorating crowns is a fun party activity, or play Pin the Kiss on the Frog with red-lipstick lips. Serve sparkling pink lemonade (mix sparkling water with lemonade) in fancy plastic champagne glasses. Send guests home with scepters as gifts.

8. Butterfly Beautiful. Decorate your birthday space with charming paper lanterns and butterflies of different sizes cut from colorful paper. Enlist an artistic friend to paint pretty butterflies on guests’ faces. Create tees with butterfly outlines, and have guests color them in with fabric markers.

9. Home on the Range—A Cowgirl Birthday Party. If you have a farm nearby with a pony or two, this might be the perfect time to go off-site for a birthday party. Host a hoedown with plenty of singing and dancing. Have a “chuck wagon” with cowgirl vittles: hot dogs, trail mix, and chili, along with lemonade in jam jars. Hold a rodeo with jump ropes, Hula-Hoops, and twirling batons.

10. Top Chef. Teach the kids important skills and have plenty of fun at a chef birthday. Start by decorating aprons with fabric paints and markers. Plan a simple meal and ask a grown-up friend to assist with anything sharp or hot. Individual pizzas and a brownie sundae bar are always a hit. Send guests home with their aprons and chef’s toques as party favors.

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