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Five Easy-as-Pie Halloween Costumes

We promise—when we say easy, we mean easy. With these super-simple ideas, you can be the DIY mom of your dreams and create a cute-as-can-be costume for your little one in less than an hour!

Spelling Bee Costume(via Simple K12)

  • Spelling Bee. Start with a basic black leotard and matching tights. Make stripes using yellow tape, then add adhesive letters randomly across the stripes. Mold hangers into wings and cover with clear plastic bags, securing the edges with glue. For the antennae, glue two pipe cleaners to a headband.

jelly-bean-costume(via The Sway)

  • Jelly Bean Queen. Does your daughter love jelly beans? Dress her up as a whole big bag! Just fill a large, clear plastic recycling bag with small balloons in assorted colors (the beans). Copy the nutritional information from a bag of actual jelly beans onto the costume using a permanent marker. Then cut leg and arm holes, put on the costume and fill with the balloon beans. Cinch loosely at the neck. This is not a costume for a small child since plastic bags can be a safety hazard for little ones.

candy-costume(via Modern Kiddo)

  • Candy Cuties. Go trick-or-treating this Halloween as your favorite treat! The perfect (and easiest) costume: a box of Halloween candy. Just cut holes in a large cardboard box for your child’s arms and head, cover the box with craft paper, use a pencil for the logo and artwork on her favorite candy, then color them in with paints or markers.

Mad Scientist(via Rays of Bliss)

  • Mad Scientist. Go crazy with this mad scientist costume for Halloween. Use a white, man’s shirt in size small for the lab coat. Mess it up a bit with some burn marks and a rip or two, some spills and stains. An inexpensive wig is a nice touch, or create your own with a bald cap and yarn. Add crazy decorations with glue or pins, such as a blown-up rubber glove, plastic spiders, stickers, a plastic stethoscope, goggles. Don’t forget the pocket protectors and a flask filled with colorful gummy worms.

cowgirl costume(via RM Thrify Shopper)

  • Cowgirl Yahoo! Start with jeans and a plaid shirt, add a bandanna, boots, a ten-gallon hat, a belt with a big buckle, and a rope for lassoing cattle. Make painted cardboard stars (or cover them with foil) to glue onto the hat and belt buckle for some flash.

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