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6 Steps for Having a Haunted Halloween Party

Every kid (and adult) loves Halloween! It’s filled with safe scares, sweet treats, and loads of imaginative activities. Bring it all together with a Halloween party that’s as much fun for the guests to enjoy as it is for you to create.

Your 6 Steps for Halloween Success!

  1. Let the age of the children determine both how many you invite and what sort of activities you plan. The younger the kids, the smaller the guest list and the simpler (and un-scarier) the games and crafts.
  2. Send out your Halloween party invites a few weeks in advance. Request RSVPs at least a week prior so you can plan accordingly. An afternoon party is best so guests can play outside, weather permitting, making cleanup easier and offering lots of room for giggles and silliness.
  3. Organization is the key to a successful Halloween party. Make a schedule in advance and post it for all to see so the kids know what to expect. Make sure you have all your supplies at hand, and that food and drinks are ready to be served before the party even begins.
  4. If your party is being held prior to Halloween, have your party guests create a Halloween treat bag to use on the big night. It’s simple enough for even the youngest kids, with a little help. Start with a plain brown-paper grocery bag and have stickers, markers, craft paint, glue, felt or cardstock paper, blunt scissors, and small plastic decorations such as spiders, webs, ghosts, pumpkins, and witch’s hats. For something fancier (and nondisposable), you could use simple cloth bags with handles and let kids use fabric paints to decorate, or purchase ready-to-decorate paint cans from the craft store.
  5. Some other Halloween activities your party guests will enjoy: “build” an edible haunted house (search the Web for a pattern) with scary decorations (don’t forget a cotton candy ghost in the window). Create ghostly luminaries by decorating tin cans, milk jugs, or small brown-paper bags, then filling them with sand and tea lights. Make your own clay from flour, salt, and water, colored with food coloring and kneaded, then let kids roll out ghostly shapes with cookie cutters and paint them. Or design Halloween paper-plate masks with markers and decorations, with ribbon to tie the masks on.
  6. Enlist an adult or talented teen to tell a spooky story to keep guests entertained while you get the party edibles ready. Click here for some spooky-looking Halloween recipes!

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