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Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving is about more than just great food. You can also give thanks this year for some really fun crafts activities to keep your child busy while you cook the big bird.

Thanksgiving Tree

Thanksgiving Tree

via U Create

Help your child create an elegant Thanksgiving tree. First, take a walk outside and choose a brunch of pretty branches. Clean them off and remove any loose bark. You can paint them white for a pretty effect. Stand them in a vase and fill the container with unshelled nuts or cranberries. Then create a leaf-shaped stencil on cardboard and cut out several leaves from colored paper. Punch a hole at the top of each leaf and thread a pretty ribbon through, tying the ends together. Write each guest’s name on a leaf. On the big day, have your child ask each guest to write down something he or she is thankful for on a leaf and hang the leaf on your tree. Create several extras—people may be thankful for far more than one thing!

Paper Garland


via Rhiannon Bosse

Create a welcoming Thanksgiving garland out of paper cups. Just wrap plain paper around seven paper cups and seal with tape. Then decorate each cup with one letter of the word Welcome (or cut the words out of pretty colored paper). Decorate the cups and string them together with yarn.

Leaf Garland

Paper leaf Garland

via A Beautiful Mess

A holiday gratitude garland is a heartfelt and fancy addition to your holiday decorating. You can even keep it as a wonderful holiday keepsake and add on to it every year. Just draw and cut out leaf shapes from construction paper and punch a small hole near one edge of each leaf. To make the paper look really leaf-like, spray the paper with water on both sides, crumple it into a loose ball, flatten it, and let it dry completely. Have each guest write down something he or she is grateful for on a leaf. String the leaves and tape the garland in place along a mantel or along the top of a doorway.

Paper Tablecloth

via For Women First

Who says a tablecloth has to be made of cloth? Cover your table with butcher paper and let the kids craft a beautiful tablecloth with markers and crayons. They can even cut out plate-sized shapes or “place mats” from colored paper and glue them to the table. And don’t forget a “Happy Thanksgiving” message.


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