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Crafts to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

Looking for some fun and simple crafts to enjoy with your kids this holiday season? Look no further:

Peppermint Wreath

candy wreath

via LiveCraftEat

Make a peppermint wreath. With their bright red-and-white stripes and tingly taste, peppermints are the prettiest (and fanciest) of holiday treats. You and your child can make an edible ornament by laying peppermint candies in a wreath shape and “gluing” them together with icing (you can use the kind in the can; we won’t tell!). Decorate the front with mints, cinnamon candies, or strips of string candy. Let dry for at least 2 hours before looping a ribbon through and hanging.


Wouldn’t Grandpa love the gift of a handkerchief made fancy by his favorite granddaughter? It’s such a simple holiday craft: Just draw with fabric crayons on a white handkerchief. Then press with an iron to set the image (follow the instructions on the crayon package). Voilà—a perfect, easy, homemade gift.

Homemade Wrapping Paper

Homemade Wrapping Paper

via Apartment Therapy

Make your own wrapping paper this year. Help your child to cut out stamps from sponges, florist’s foam, even a potato. Then dip in paints and stamp decorations onto craft paper. You can even add a written “Happy Holidays” message with markers or paints.

Custom Calendar

Make a homemade custom calendar as a gift for a loved one. Have your child paint or draw a work of art (or choose one from your current collection). Leave the bottom of the artwork blank—this is the space for the calendar pages. Cover with peel-and-stick laminate from the crafts store. Remove a small calendar from its original backing or print out calendar pages from the internet and attach the pages to the blank bottom area of the artwork with double-sided tape.

Fancy Tote Bags

Iron on tote bag

via Lorrie Everitt Studio

Create a fancy—and totally unique—tote bag as a gift using your child’s drawing as the decoration. Scan the drawing into your computer and print it out onto iron-on transfer paper. Cut out the design and iron it onto a plain canvas bag (that’s the part for a grown-up). Your child could also draw directly onto a plain plastic bag with fabric paints or markers.

Handprint Cookies

Holiday cookies should be as unique and special as your child. Roll out sugar cookie dough (you can use the kind from the store to make it even easier) and use your child’s hand as an outline, drawing around it with a skewer or toothpick to cut out the shape. Or you could make a template from thick paper or cardboard. Decorate the hand-shaped cookies with pretty colored frosting (nail polish!) and sprinkles.


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