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Discover a whole host of fancy and fabulous party tips and recipes, seasonal craft and activity ideas, and reading-readiness suggestions from the folks who bring you Fancy Nancy!

How to Throw a Fancy Nancy Birthday Party

Birthday parties only come around once a year, so they provide the perfect excuse to host a soirée that is très fancy. Even Martha Stewart is on board with a Fancy Nancy birthday party. You can check out her video for some chic suggestions, and read on for more ideas that will make all of your guests say “ooh la la!”

1. Party Invitations

We’ve got you covered! You can click here to print out your very own Fancy Nancy invitations.

Fancy Nancy Invitation

2. Attire

Encourage your guests to wear their fanciest attire. Crowns, tiaras, boas … and don’t forget the boys! Our motto is: the more bowties, the better! Remember though, gentlemen take their hats off indoors.

You might want to consider having a few extra accessories on hand, just in case someone forgets to dress up. You wouldn’t want anyone feeling as though they’d made a faux pas.

3. Decorations

Decorations don’t have to be time-intensive, or expensive, to make a statement. Here are some ideas for easy supplies that could help your party sparkle:

  • glittery garland
  • balloons (pink and purple, of course)
  • crepe paper
  • artificial (or real!) flowers

Drape some glittery garland around your light fixtures or down a banister. Tie a helium balloon to each chair, and you can use crepe paper as a tablecloth or runner.

And don’t forget this suggestion from this post:

Decorate your birthday space with charming paper lanterns and butterflies of different sizes cut from colorful paper. Enlist an artistic friend to paint pretty butterflies on guests’ faces. Create tees with butterfly outlines, and have guests color them in with fabric markers.

4. The Food

Oh my goodness! There are so many creative fans of the books out there, and they have whipped up some amazing-looking food.

Look at this cake:

Fancy Nancy Birthday Cake

Or these cupcakes:

Fancy Nancy Cupcakes

One of our favorite ideas? Make sandwiches as you usually would. Then use a cookie cutter like this or this to cut out fun shapes. Voila! Fancy finger sandwiches.

For dessert, you could try this recipe for Fancy Nancy Birthday Cake or try out our recipe for Fancy Nancy’s Nebulaic éclairs.

5. Party Favors

No party is complete without a goody bag! Here are a few goody bag ideas:

Voila! Fancy Nancy Birthday party solved. Do you have any favorite Fancy Nancy party ideas?

Don’t forget to check out the Fancy Nancy show on Disney Junior!