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How to Host Your Own Fancy Fashion Show!

If there’s one thing Fancy Nancy enjoys, it’s a fashion show!  Here’s how to host a fashion show of your very own, with some help from Fancy Nancy!

1. Become your own publicist

You can’t have a fashion show without an audience! Make sure you alert local schools, libraries, youth organizations, and the media about your upcoming fashion show by sending invitations, hanging up flyers, and calling everyone you know! Remember, the more people that attend your fashion show, the more press you and your stars will receive!

2. Roll out the red carpet

What better way to have your guests arrive in style than by strutting down the red (or pink) carpet (which is the fanciest carpet around)? Get a roll of red wrapping paper, cellophane, or utility paper. Place the start of the roll on the floor at the entrance of your party and roll it out to make your very own carpeted entrance. Your guests will be able to walk down the carpet, pose for pictures, give interviews, and sign autographs in the spotlight.

3. Calling all fashionistas!

Invitations are a very important part of your fashion show. Since you want to have as many people attend your event as possible, you not only have to get the word out, but you also have to do it with style. Using this invitation, fill in details about your big day, photocopy, cut, and hand them out to everyone. The more guests you have, the more glamorous your event will be!

4. Dress to impress

This is a fashion show, after all! Make sure all of your guests (girls, boys, moms, and dads) know that all accessories—feather boas, tiaras, ruffles, sparkles, and bows—are welcome. In fact, they are highly encouraged. Dressing fancy is not limited to girls. Some of the fanciest people around are boys. Want to add a fun craft? Print and decorate this activity to make your own jewelry!

Fancy Nancy Activity

5. Notify the paparazzi

Have adult volunteers play the role of the paparazzi (that’s a fancy word for photographers). The volunteer paparazzi should snap photos of each guest as he or she sashays down the red carpet. This way, each guest has his or her own moment of fame.

6. Strut your stuff

Each model gets her turn on the catwalk (that’s what fashionistas call the runway where the models show off the clothes). If you like, you can give little gifts to each model for having the silliest, fanciest, most creative, or most fashionable outfit. Need an activity for little ones who aren’t walking the catwalk? Try this Fancy Nancy coloring sheet!

7. Swag Bags

No fashion show is complete without a swag bag (that is fancy for goodie bag) packed with fancy gifts for your guests. You can decorate regular brown bags with drawings or stickers to create fancy one-of-a-kind swag bags. Then fill them with simple yet glamorous treats like ribbons, stickers, bows, feathers, pens, crystals, balloons—anything sparkly!


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