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DIY: A Fancy Nancy Valentine

Oh la la! It’s almost Valentine’s Day! It’s no secret that Fancy Nancy loves this February holiday. It’s the perfect excuse to give a valentine and maybe even get a surprise from a special admirer.

Here are 5 fancy Valentine’s Day treats that will be sure-fire hits for fans of Fancy Nancy.

P.S. Remember, “fancy” doesn’t have to mean complicated or expensive!

Stick with Me Valentines

“Stick with Me” Valentines are super easy, inexpensive, and très adorable. Rumor has it, you can even buy Old Fashioned Hard Candy Sticks at the Dollar Store! Alternatively, they have them here. Simply, wrap a string (a few times) around the candy stick, and attach an index card, or card stock, with a note. You can get fancy and use a stamp, or have your child use their most sophisticated writing.

candle valentines

Heart-Shaped Cookies

Heart-shaped sugar cookies + pink icing = a dream Valentine. Heart-shaped cookie cutters are inexpensive and easy to find. And sugar cookies are a snap to make. We like this recipe. Don’t be afraid to play with the decorations; sparkly sprinkles, creative icing, the sky’s the limit. Then, put a few in a mason jar or small baggies and deliver to your Valentine with a card, or gobble them up yourselves!

Heart-Shaped Cake

For another edible treat, get a heart-shaped cake pan and make a heart-shaped cake. A basic cake recipe can be super simple (you could even use a box mix) or you could get fancy, and use this Martha Stewart recipe, which takes two 8×8 cakes to make a heart! Again, decorate to your heart’s content. Voila! Dessert after your V-day dinner.

Valentine Bubbles

If you’re on the lookout for a non-food item, you can’t beat bubbles! These lovelies are perfect for boys and girls alike. Purchase bottles of bubbles (again, try your local Dollar Store) and have your child decorate the bottles for their friends, or print out stickers that say “You make my heart pop.” Classmates will love them!

You’re a Real Gem

Fancy Nancy loves her gems and jewels, so eraser rings (or Ring Pops) make perfect valentines, especially when they are paired with cute packaging and a note that says, “You’re a real gem.” Have your child make the cards, or you can download and print them for free here.



A Card + A Book About Love

If you’re not looking for valentines for a crowd, a book about love is a great gift for any child. Especially, if it’s a book about Fancy Nancy. In Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart, mystery is in the air when Nancy receives a valentine from a secret someone. Join her as she follows the clues to find out who it is! Gorgeous stickers included.


Voila! Valentine’s Day solved!