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Top 10 Reasons to Watch Fancy Nancy on Disney Junior

We are just a little bit obsessed with the new Fancy Nancy show on Disney Junior. Being able to both watch and read about our favorite fancy gal has made basically all of our posh dreams come true. If you haven’t yet watched the TV show and need convincing, here are the top 10 reasons we think you should watch (and read!) about Fancy Nancy:

1. Fancy Nancy Dance Parties. That’s right, now, instead of just saying “ooh la la!” we can sing and dance along to songs featuring all of the best Fancy Nancy phrases. Confession: The songs are super catchy, and we’re not sure who likes them more, parents or kids. Here’s just one example:

2. It will teach your child stupendous (that’s a fancy word for great) words. Fancy Nancy drops vocabulary words like nobody’s business, which is great for speech development. We love watching kids admire and emulate her use of “fancy,” words and the television show complements the books perfectly as Nancy uses bother her trademark French phrases and many precocious English words.

3. It encourages independence and teaches acceptance. Fancy Nancy doesn’t live in a fancy house. And her parents aren’t the ones encouraging her to be so spunky; it’s just who she is. On the Disney Junior show, as in the books, Nancy’s parents wear casual clothes but are completely accepting of Nancy’s flair for fashion. They don’t discourage her from being herself.

4. It’s educational. We’ve touched on the perks of Nancy’s advanced vocabulary. The show also teaches more basic concepts for young children, like the alphabet. It pairs these concepts with original songs and music, like this alphabet song:

5. Nancy teaches kids that it’s okay to be more than one thing. Sure, Nancy loves all things fancy and frou frou, but she’s no wimp. Nancy has no trouble standing up for herself. The fact that she loves fuschia doesn’t mean she can’t be fun and strong, too!

6. Fancy Nancy inspires kids to be creative. <It’s hard to beat Nancy’s rich imagination. In every story, she transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. She’s also pretty resourceful. Instead of asking her parents to buy her fancy things, she uses things she already has at her disposal to create an elegant ambiance.

7.  It’s not just for kids. Okay, it’s totally geared towards kids, but it’s one of those shows that parents will enjoy watching too. As an added bonus, Nancy’s parents are voiced by Alyson Hannigan of “How I Met Your Mother” and Rob Riggle of “Modern Family”. And since there are benefits to watching television with your child, it’s always a perk when there’s a solid plot, and an awesome cast to go along with it.

8. It teaches the value of friendship. Nancy is a great best friend, and the show features Nancy and Bree learning how to work together and to share the spotlight. Nancy also helps other friends along the way. Here’s one example of Nancy’s magnifique friendship skills:

9. You can have the best of both worlds. The Fancy Nancy show features two short stories per episode. The best part is that if kids want even more Fancy Nancy, they can read the books (maybe while even watching the show!). Books like Disney Junior Fancy Nancy: Meet Fancy Nancyand Disney Junior Fancy Nancy: My Fanciest Thingswill provide great conversation starters and get kids excited to hear the stories again and again.

10. Disney Junior brings one of our favorite characters to life. We love seeing an animated version of one of our favorite spunky characters come to life, and kids will too!

Do you love the Fancy Nancy show as much as we do? We’d love to know! And in the meantime, we’ll leave you with this: