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How Fancy Nancy Can Make Chores Fun for Kids

Ooh la la! It’s fantastique when kids want to help out with chores. Having your kids contribute to household chores has beacoup de benefits (that’s fancy for a lot). It teaches them life skills, work ethic, and also the value of teamwork!  We’ve taken a lesson from everyone’s favorite fancy girl, Fancy Nancy, and put together a few ideas that you can use for how to make chores fun for kids. They’ll go from ordinary to extraordinaire! The best part is that many hands make light work, so you will be done tout de suite and be able to put your feet up and eat bonbons. C’est magnifique!

One of the things that we love about Fancy Nancy is that she turns the mundane into the extraordinary. Incorporating some of her tactics into your daily chores will make them more enjoyable for everyone. Here are a few foolproof (read: sneaky) ideas that you can use to make chores a little more fun for your kids:

Suggest reasonable tasks

Kids like to feel independent, and giving them responsibilities around the house can help them gain a sense of purpose. It’s important to give them chores that they can handle. Some suggestions: In addition to having them clean up messes they make, have them make their own bed or help set the table. When there’s clean laundry, have them bring piles to the right rooms and put away their own things. Chores that are manageable for your child will make them less frustrated and ultimately more accomplished as they complete them.

Dress up!

Even chores can be fancy. Take a lesson from Fancy Nancy and do chores while wearing tiaras or top hats. Oh la la! The house will look magnifique when you are done. Instead of using a paper towel for dusting, try a chic feather duster in Nancy’s favorite color — or order one in your child’s color du jour. If you don’t feel like investing in new cleaning products or tiaras, pull things from supplies you already own. Costume jewelry, bow ties, or clothes pulled from your dress-up bin will do the trick.

Encourage imaginative play

Make believe can transport your child to other worlds. Fancy Nancy is always imagining herself into fancy scenarios. Chores can be exciting if you encourage your child to role play. You could be royalty in disguise, or if your child has an imaginary friend, work them into their household chores. After all, they should be pulling their weight around the house, too!

Have a dance party.

Music makes everything feel a bit more exciting. Our pick: some Fancy Nancy music videos for background noise. Kids will love dancing their way through chores. To add a bit of extra incentive, you could also turn cleaning into a game. Make a chore into a race. Can your child finish one job by the end of a song?

Promise a reward.

Rewards or incentives can make chores seem more worthwhile. You could suggest an allowance system, but rewards don’t have to be money-based. For a more immediate reward, read a story! Or allow a bit of screen time, or take them out for ice cream for a job well done.

Do you have any tricks for getting kids to help out with chores? We’d love to know!