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How to Make a Fancy Nancy Costume

When my daughter was little, she absolutely loved Fancy Nancy and dressing up in a Fancy Nancy costume. Her friends would come over on weekends and after school, and they would raid my wardrobe looking for the highest shoes and most sparkly bags. They would dig into my makeup bag and style their hair as fancy as they could. It was so much fun watching them transform themselves and put on the most fantastique runway shows.

I, of course, would make sure to be extra surprised at how fancy they were, snap lots of photos, and then they would have me judge which was the fanciest outfit before racing off to piece together a whole new look.

You don’t need a lot to make your own Fancy Nancy outfit at home. You just need your imagination — and a whole lot of glitter and sparkle. Between your wardrobe and your child’s, I bet you can come up with some fancy outfits to wear.

ancy nancy costume supplies #2

Here’s a tip: One of your oversized t-shirts paired with a belt makes the perfect dress for your little one. They can add a tulle peek-a-boo skirt underneath (or over the top), and pair it with lots of fabulous accessories, like a beautiful handmade crown, which I’ll show you how to make below!


·         Glitter card stock

·         Headband

·         Hot glue gun

·         Scissors

·         Fancy accessories to jazz up an old oversized t-shirt.


1.     Using a stencil, draw a crown onto the card stock and cut it out.

ancy nancy costume supplies #2

2.     Attach your crown to a headband using a hot glue gun.  

ancy nancy costume supplies #3

3.     If you have excess card stock, you can even cut out letters and glue them onto the headband as well. For example, we’ve made one to match the one that Nancy wears. But you can decorate your crown whatever way you want – make it yours!

ancy nancy costume supplies #3

4. Pair your beautiful new fancy crown with some extra fancy accessories, such as:

·      A dress (or oversize shirt with a belt)

·      Tulle skirt

·      Scarves

·      Jewelry

·      Sunglasses

·      Handbags

·      Belts

·      Faux fur accessories

ancy nancy costume supplies #4

This could also be the perfect outfit for your child to wear to school for World Book Day or Halloween. Or wear it whenever, wherever!

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