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10 Creative Prompts for Kids, Inspired by Fancy Nancy

Fancy Nancy is one of the most imaginative filles (French for girls ) we know. In both the stories and in the Disney Jr. TV show, Nancy gravitates towards creative hobbies. Among other things, Nancy is an artist, a poet, and a star of stage and screen! Here are 10 different creative prompts to help inspire your kids to be imaginative like Nancy:

1. Create an art studio.

As Nancy says in Fancy Nancy: Aspiring Artist, “all you need in an art studio is an artist.” If you’re feeling extra fancy, you can wear a smock and a beret (French for cap) while you draw or paint.

2. Go to an art museum and then paint a picture in the style of your favorite painting!

Nancy decides she wants to try to draw a painting in the style of Jackson Pollock. See what style you gravitate towards!

3. Draw an activity from your day.

When Nancy goes to her ballet class, she rushes home to draw ballerinas like Edgar Degas. If you love soccer, draw a picture of soccer players. If you like to help cook, put together a few pieces of fruit for a still life drawing.

4. Paint outside!

Mrs. Devine’s favorite artist is Claude Monet. Monet loved to paint outside. Take some art supplies out into your backyard, or to a local park, and draw what you see. What colors do you use when it’s sunny out? Does that change when the weather shifts?

5. Draw an imaginary creature.

Be creative! And remember, artists are allowed to break the rules.

6. Read some poems and write one in your favorite style.

Fancy Nancy is so poetic that even her name rhymes! Fancy Nancy: Poet Extraordinaire! shows how a true love of words can be très fancy. You can try reading nursery rhymes, songs, limericks, or an ode (a poem that says what’s special about someone). There are all sorts of poems you could explore! Poems make pictures with words. They don’t have to rhyme!

7. Make an acrostic.

Write each letter of your name on a line of paper, going down the page. For each letter, come up with a word or phrase that describes you. Then try writing them for family members and close friends.

8. Create a poet tree.

Write a poem on a paper leaf and arrange them to create a tree of poems. OR put your favorite poems that you’ve read on leaves for inspiration.

9. Get inspired.

Inspiration is a fancy word for something that helps you find good ideas. Nancy and Bree play beautiful soft music when they are looking for inspiration. It’s also important to take breaks from your art. Breaks can get creative juices flowing again!

10. Put on an exhibit (that’s a fancy for art show)!

You could hang art on a clothesline or tape them on a wall in your house. Put up posters to invite your friends and neighbors to come visit.