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Fancy Nancy Books

Browse the complete list of Fancy Nancy books including Fancy Nancy picture books, Nancy Clancy chapter books, and Fancy Nancy activity books and book sets.

Picture Books

Read the original Fancy Nancy, Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy, and more Fancy Nancy picture books and learn how to be fancy.

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Chapter Books

Discover the bestselling Nancy Clancy chapter books, the perfect next step for young readers who have graduated from I Can Read! books.

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8×8 Storybooks

Get great Fancy Nancy books at a great price with these paperback storybooks (some come with stickers)!

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I Can Read! Books

Help your child develop their reading skills with Fancy Nancy I Can Read! books. These Level 1 titles are ideal for children who are ready to read on their own.

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Activity, Coloring & Sticker Books

Get crafty with Fancy Nancy activity books, Fancy Nancy coloring books, and Fancy Nancy sticker books.

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Disney Junior Series

A selection of books based on the Disney Junior TV series

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Collections & Box Sets

Share a Fancy Nancy treasury (that’s fancy for box of books with keepsakes) or Fancy Nancy box set with your favorite bookworm (that’s fancy for reader)!

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