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Free Fancy Nancy Apps for Iphones & Ipads

Download the latest Fancy Nancy apps to your mobile device and bring the fancy fun with you wherever you go!

Fancy Nancy Explorer Extraordinaire!

Earn your Explorer Extraordinaire Club membership card by finding hidden items within the world of Fancy Nancy!

Fancy Nancy Dress Up

Nancy’s going to a splendid soirée—that’s fancy for party! Read her storybook and then create fancy outfits for her to wear on every page.

Fancy Nancy Ballet School

Take center stage with Fancy Nancy! Learn ballet steps and then choreograph (that’s fancy for create) your very own ballet.

Fancy Nancy Online Games

Play along with Fancy Nancy with online games inspired by her love of fancy words and fancy things!

Fancy Nancy’s Favorites

Help Nancy match and collect sets of her favorite things before time runs out!

World Lib

Create your own word lib and become a poet extraordinaire just like Fancy Nancy.

Coloring Game

Fancy Nancy looks too plain! Add some color to her outfit with this splendid digital coloring game, and print your masterpiece when you’re done!

Butterfly Catch

There’s nothing fancier than butterflies! Help Fancy Nancy catch them all, as they flutter across the page.


Attempt (that’s a fancy word for try) to match all of the fancy items before time runs out!