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How to Make a Very Fancy Fairy Garden

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How to Make a Fancy Nancy Costume

When my daughter was little, she absolutely loved Fancy Nancy and dressing up in a Fancy Nancy costume. Her friends would come over on weekends and after school, and they would raid my wardrobe looking for the highest shoes and most sparkly bags. They would dig into my makeup bag and style their hair as fancy as they could. It was so much fun watching them transform themselves and put on the most fantastique runway shows.

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DIY: A Fancy Nancy Valentine

Oh la la! It’s almost Valentine’s Day! It’s no secret that Fancy Nancy loves this February holiday. It’s the perfect excuse to give a valentine and maybe even get a surprise from a special admirer. Read More

Giving Thanks for Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving is about more than just great food. You can also give thanks this year for some really fun crafts activities to keep your child busy while you cook the big bird.Read More

Fancy Nancy’s Nebulaic Eclairs

You'll have the fanciest dessert at the party when you bring these galaxy-themed eclairs! Watch the video below to learn how to make an out-of-this-world treat. Read More

3 DIY Edible Face Masks Perfect For A Kids Spa Sleepover

Kids deserve to be pampered, and what better way to pamper your little one and their friends than with a spa party! We’ve found three DIY edible face masks that they are sure to love! Read More

Kids Sleepover Fun: DIY Candy Necklaces

Looking for a no-fuss activity your kiddo and their friends can do at the next sleepover? Homemade DIY candy necklaces are your answer! The project is easy to set up and the kids get to be creative and take home edible jewelry! That is, if they don’t get eaten before they leave the house.

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